Thursday, February 23, 2012

Accountability: Week 4

Bathroom Scale Clip Art

Starting weight:   172 lbs.
Previous weight:  169 lbs. 
           Current weight:   168 lbs.           
Weight +/-:          -1         
Total weight loss: -4          
Short term goal:   160 lbs.
Goal weight:        145 lbs.

I have to be honest here... While I am happy that I'm at a loss this week, I was a bit deflated to see that it was only one pound. I did another week of 5 days at the gym and really felt like a made a huge effort. While I didn't cut all the bad food from my diet yet, I am still sticking to my caloric intake goal set on LoseIt. I watched how much I was eating and was under my calorie budget for the majority of the week.

This will not bring me down though! I am still motivated! In fact, I started up with the machines this week. I did the 30 minute circuit last night, which alternates between cardio boards and machines, giving you a full body workout in 30 minutes. I plan on doing this at least two nights a week for a couple weeks and hope to take it to three times a week soon. The backs of my legs are a bit sore tonight, but it was nice feeling the burn. It was also nice having the stamina to make it through without feeling as though I were going to die, lol.

So, I'm keepin' on! Hopefully I see a little something more next week...

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