Thursday, April 26, 2012

PAR-TAY!! Er... I mean, Accountability: Week 12

Let's get this party started!! Whoop Whoop!!

Bathroom Scale Clip Art

Starting weight:   172 lbs.
Previous weight:  161 lbs. 
           Current weight:    160 lbs.            
Weight +/-:          -1         
Total weight loss: -12         
Short term goal:   160 lbs.
Goal weight:        145 lbs.

If you haven't noticed why I'm so excited, look right up there to the "Short term goal" and compare with my new current weight :-)

Yep, that's right! I've hit my first short term goal and I couldn't be more proud of myself!

If seeing the number on the scale wasn't enough to be excited about, I got an email right after I logged my weight into LoseIt that I earned a new badge... my GOAL ACHIEVED badge! There's nothing like a computer-generated congratulatory message, lol, to say, "Hey, you did it!" (and, yes, I am seriously excited about the email- that's not all sarcasm). I am also now part of their 10 Pound Club. I'm thinking of ordering the t-shirt ;-)

LoseIt's 10 Pound Club Badge

I'm on week three of my new trainer-designed workout regimen. It was a weights night last night, and I tell ya, I think I sweat more last night than I have in any of my workouts. Since January! But it is so worth it!

Well folks (if there are folks out there) be on the look out for a new short term goal in next week's post :-) In addition to just feeling great about seeing those numbers fall I also have some new motivation... by means of planning a beach vacation. I haven't been to the beach in years. Gotta get this bod ready!

I'll post more on the vacation soon, once we get some of the deets worked out.

This post carries a disclosure Level of 0. Please see my disclosure page for more details. Even though it seems as though LoseIt probably sponsors my posts or something, they don't. I wish they did. Maybe I should give them a call... Anyway, I'm just a genuinely pleased member of their site and want to share what's working for me with you all.

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