Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Review: The 7th Month

The 7th Month :A Detective D.D. Warren StoryThe 7th Month :A Detective D.D. Warren Story by Lisa Gardner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Detective D.D. Warren is on desk duty, not because of a pending investigation but because she's 7 months pregnant. She's holding down the fort during a lunch hour when in walks a sketchy looking fella asking for a detective. Turns out he's a movie producer and needs a cop to help with the authenticity of the actions in the movie. Seems his current consultant, a retired cop, up and left for vacation leaving the producer in a bit of a jam. When he gives D.D. a figure she's seeing dollar signs in the baby's college fund and figures it can't hurt to sit around in her off time and point out that cops don't turn their backs on suspects or leave their holsters unclipped while standing next to a suspect.

D.D. agrees to help out, but she makes a few calls before she joins them on the set. Turns out the vacationing consultant wasn't vacationing at all. Her boss encourages her to cancel the gig, but D.D. is anxious to do a little recon before her team descends on the set.

During an unexpected scuffle after a scene she encounters another insider on the set. It's then that she figures out the motive behind the "little vacation" and sets in motion a plan of her own to get a confession. She enlists the help of her boyfriend (and baby's father) who is patiently awaiting an answer of whether she will move in with him or not. Things seem to be working on out when...

Well, I don't want to ruin it for you ;-) This was a short story for between the books. It wasn't an emotionally involved case as hers usually are, but it was an enjoyable quick read.

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