Saturday, April 21, 2012

My New Exercise Regimen

So, I think I mentioned a couple days ago that I saw a trainer last week. It's included in my monthly gym membership, but until now I'd  been just going at it alone. I figured it was time to get serious, and who'd be better to help me do that than a bonafide trainer?

The goal for this regimen was weight loss and toning. I didn't specify that I wanted to target any certain area. I just wanted an overall routine this time. I do have some ideas for some target areas I'd like him to help me tackle when we reconvene.

Anyway, since I had already been working out for a couple months and using their 30 minute circuit routine he wanted me to start doing some exercises with free weights. Whew! Talk about a difference! I guess with the free range of motion you're working muscles in a whole new way- rather than the machines limiting your motion.

I am to do the following regimen for 6 weeks. I'll do 4 sets for the first 3 weeks and then 5 sets for the last 3 weeks. We'll meet again then. So, here's the deal:

Trainer's Weight Loss/Toning Exercise Regimen 1

  1. Dumbbell Swings                (12)                  15 lbs.
  2. Push Ups (Modified)           (12)                  Body Weight
  3. Standing Dumbbell Rows       (12)                  15 lbs.
  4. Squat Curl Press                (12)                  15 lbs,.
  5. Plank                               (30 sec.)           Body Weight
  6. Arc Trainer                      (3 min.)            10 incline/20 resistance
After doing 4 rounds of that, hop on the Arc Trainer for 30 minutes alternating between 1 minute at 10 incl/20 res. and 2 minutes at 5 incl./15 res.

Do this 3 times a week.

On cardio days at the gym do 45 minutes on the Arc Trainer doing the same incl./res. routine.

Dumbbell Swings, via

Push Up (Modified), via
Dumbbell Standing Rows, via
Squat Curl Press, via

Plank, via

I've been doing this for a week now. That first time was brutal! I couldn't lift my arms the next day. I kid you not! I've been doing better though. It's still a challenge, but I'm not near as sore as the first time.

My first round of 6 is usually pretty easy. The second one, I'm still doing okay. The third one is proving to be a bit more difficult. And by the fourth, I'm sure I'll drop those dumbbells on my head during the Squat Curl Press. Like, it's so bad I'm terrified to do that one. Literally terrified. I'm sure I'll drop it and then be laughed out of the gym. Apparently my shoulders are very weak. That is the most challenging, and certainly painful, exercise I think I've ever done. It ranks right up there with a hard core abdominal workout for me. Ouch.

So far though, no dents to the noggin' from dropped dumbbells so I'm doing okay.

Let me know if anyone gives this a try.

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