Thursday, April 19, 2012

Accountability: Week 11

Bathroom Scale Clip Art

Starting weight:   172 lbs.
Previous weight:  164 lbs. 
           Current weight:    161 lbs.            
Weight +/-:          -3         
Total weight loss: -11         
Short term goal:   160 lbs.
Goal weight:        145 lbs.

So, I know I've been really sucky about posting and keeping up here, but I promise I'm trying. As the summer quickly approaches I find myself busier and busier.

I clearly have good news though! In my 3 week hiatus from posting to my accountability thread I lost three pounds! One week I stayed the same, one week I lost one pound, and yesterday when I weighed in it was a two pound loss! I was ecstatic!! To say the least...

Not only did I finaly bust through the 10 pound mark, but I see that I am only a mere pound away from my first short-term goal! Squee!!! Granted, it would have been nice to have done it a wee bit faster, but at least at this pace it's more likely that I'll keep it off. It feels good to be losing weight the right way instead of silly diets of starving myself and losing 4 pounds in a week only to gain two back the next week and then another the following and so on.

LoseIt has me down to 1460 calories a day now. Surprisingly, it's really enough. Of course I'll eat a little more on gym days. I rarely go over my limit, and when I do, it's usually on days we go out to eat. I still haven't quite mastered the whole 'choosing wisely when we're out' thing. Still, it's definitely an improvement from where I've been.

Oh, and I started a new exercise regimen last week. I saw a trainer for the first time and he gave me a new exercise program I'll be doing for 6 weeks and we'll meet again. I'll post it tomorrow in case anyone is interested... you know, if anyone is reading this at all or should happen to stumble upon it ;-) lol.

For once, I'm not dreading the next weigh in. I'm feeling pretty good :-)

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