Thursday, May 31, 2012

Accountability: Week 17

Bathroom Scale Clip Art

Starting weight:   172 lbs.
Previous weight:  156 lbs. 
           Current weight:    152 lbs.            
Weight +/-:          -4         
Total weight loss: -20         
Short term goal:   150 lbs.
Goal weight:        145 lbs.

I'm glad I wasn't discouraged by last week's big goose egg. Looks like my continued hard work paid off... 4 pounds this week! I think that's awesome! You'd have thought I would have gotten these big numbers earlier on when I was heavier though. Oh well, I'm certainly not complaining...

I think I'm going to have to refigure that ultimate goal weight. While I'm much happier with myself these days, I see there could be more to lose. I don't think I could ever be the ideal weight for my height (I'd surely be nothing but skin and bones- ick!), but I think I could stand to lose a few more than I originally said I'd be happy with. I guess I need to think on that. I could just continue to lose until I'm satisfied, but I think I'd work better with a goal. We shall see.

Oh, something else worth noting... I bought shorts this weekend. Like real shorts, not capris or bermudas. I haven't been comfortable in shorts in years. I got a really cute pair of denim shorts with an eyelet ruffle on the bottom from American Eagle, and I got a pair of Nike running shorts for the gym. This is a real breakthrough for me, just so you know.

And an even bigger breakthrough... I mowed grass in said shorts yesterday... with a sports bra. ACK!! In public!! And I wasn't at all worried about it. I'm not ready to be up at the gym with no shirt on or anything, but it was hot and it was just in my neighborhood. If people can mow in a bikini top, I figured I could get away with it.

All this weight loss must be going to my head ;-)

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