Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Question Friday

So it's finally Friday. We've almost made it to the Final Four Civil War! Or the Battle for the Bluegrass!! Or the Clash of the Commonwealth!!! Whatever they're calling it, it's going to be big around here, I can tell you that for sure!! It's a sea of red and blue here at my work, where coincidentally not much work is being done. Hmm... The weather is great and I'm hoping it holds out for tomorrow so all the folks having parties and cookouts can really enjoy it. Me? I'm staying home, where it's safe. Where I can yell, holler and curse without fear of getting myself in trouble ;-) I'm making some yummy goodies to veg on and I'll post the recipes here soon.

And in case you're wondering, I'm in RED!


Anyway, thanks for stopping by from My Little Life for 5Q Friday! Glad you're here. Feel free to check things out, but be forewarned, this is a new one, so not much is going on just yet. I'll get there someday... Anyway, on to my answers...

1. What giveaway would you like to do on your blog? Hmm... well, I'd be happy to do just about any giveaway right now. Something fun for kiddos, gift cards, the latest techy gadgets... but seeings how I haven't done much on my blog yet to warrant anyone wanting to host a giveaway here (besides book reviews) I'd guess a book giveaway would make the most sense for my blog right now.

2. If you had to choose between natural artistic ability and natural athletic ability, which would it be? That's a toughy. If I had natural athletic ability would I be thinner? Maybe, since I'd be more inclined to do more athletic things, like, oh, I don't know... run?! If that's the case then I'd go with athletic. Yep. Definitely atheltic.

3. Do you ditch the coat the minute it becomes "spring" or are you a holdout for more cool temps? I definitely ditch the coat... if I ever had it to begin with. I'm notorious for not wearing a jacket. My mother-in-law (God love her) is always harping on me about it. She even bought me a coat a couple Christmas ago and out of guilt I wore it for as long as was required that season. Thankfully it's too big now, so I don't feel so bad that I haven't worn it- at all- this season. I'm hot natured, so I just don't see the point in bundling up to go from the house to the car, to then sweat my butt off because everyone else is always so cold and has to crank the heat up so they feel like they're in the tropics to something. To then make the quick dash into the mall or grocery store where I will promptly remove the jacket because again I'll be freakin' hot. Then what do I do with the dang thing? I have to carry it around all day? Gone are the days where you can tie it around your waist... So yeah, if I've been donning a coat at all during the winter, as soon as I get the first inkling that Spring is about to be sprung, that puppy is headed for the closet. Way in the back :-)

4. What would you do if you won the mega millions lotto of 1/2 billion dollars? What wouldn't I do? Let's see, practically I'd pay off any and all debt immediately. I'd give my friend C a million (we already talked about that). We'd probably buy property in the country near my in-laws to build a new house. I'd plan a nice Disney vacation- maybe a week at the parks then a week on a cruise. We're talking ASAP. That way we kind wind down, let it all sink in, and ponder, in peace, what we need to do from there. There'd be investments for retirement, education, setting the kids up for life, all that. I'd put the kids in private school. Then we'd begin to take care of our loved ones, paying off mortgages and car loans, maybe upgrading some people. I guess we'd be doing the same thing as any other person would if they're so lucky.

5. You are at a hotel by yourself...what do you do? Oh, fun! Does this hotel have spa services? If so, sign me up for a massage please! Then I'll relax by the pool for a while, read a book, sit in the jacuzzi. Later that night I'd grab dinner at the hotel lounge, have a few drinks, and people watch... supposing there are people to watch. What kind of hotel is this anyway? Are there any special events in the area? Is it crowded? Hmm... maybe I should just leave it with what I said before...

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